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Belmont Youth Basketball Program Updates

In-town Playoffs (Grades 3-4)

In-town playoffs for 3rd/4th grades begin on Saturday, March 4th and conclude with the semi-final and championship games on Saturday, March 11th. 
All teams participate in the playoffs.  On Saturday, March 4th teams that do not receive a bye will play two games. 

Following the championship games on March 11th, at approximately 4pm we will be holding our annual Awards Ceremony at Chenery Middle School.  Trophies will be awarded for team championship winners/runner-ups and skills competition winners/runner-ups.  All are invited to attend this event that will conclude our 2016/2017 in-town season.


Annual BYBA Skills Competition (Grades 3-4)

This year BYBA will be holding its skills competition for girls and boys on Friday March 3rd.  Girls will run from 5:45pm to 7:15pm.  Boys will run from 7:15pm until completion (approx 9:00pm).
This event is open to all BYBA participants in grades 3 – 4.  Although it is called Skills Night, skill is not mandatory.  This is a fun event with a side of competition.  Children will only compete against players in their grade.
All players may participate in all events!  Please note that if your child participates in the 2 on 2 events they may miss another event due to timing conflicts.  Players can only win one trophy.  If they compete and are the winner or runner up in the 2 on 2 event they must keep that trophy even if they win another event.  Please ensure your players/children know this.
The four events are: 

1.      Hot Shots
2.      Foul Shots
3.      Ball Handling Lay-ups
4.      2 on 2 – players must be in the same grade and be on the same BYBA in-town team, please notify your coach ASAP of your participation.



In-town Championships & Closing Ceremony (Grades 5-8)

On Saturday Feb 11th at Belmont High School we will have the Championship Games followed by our annual Awards Ceremony at approximately 5pm.  Trophies will be awarded for team champions/runner-ups and skills competition winners/runner-ups.  It’s a nice event for the kids to wrap up the season so all should attend. 

Saturday Feb 11th

Girls 5/6 Finals at 2:30pm at BHS court 2

Amherst def. Cornell

Girls 7/8 Finals at 2:30pm at BHS court 1

Smith def. Colby

Boys 5/6 Finals at 3:45pm at BHS court 2

Vanderbilt def. Michigan

Boys 7/8 Finals at 3:45pm at BHS court 1

Montana def. USC


We hope everyone had a great season!


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 




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