Travel Program

Belmont Travel Basketball - Overview 2023

The BYBA Travel Program (Belmont Travel Basketball), is for players in grades 4 through 8 seeking a higher level of commitment and competition, playing in a competitive league against teams from other towns. Travel teams generally have 1-2 practices per week with 1 to 2 games on the weekends.

In order to run an effective Travel program and maximize the number of players in the program, both players and parents should recognize that “Travel Basketball” requires a significantly higher commitment level than the In-Town program. Players who cannot fully commit to the travel program and will have competing priorities over the winter should register for our In-town program. 

All travel players are automatically registered to play on an In-Town team, although it is understood that there may be conflicts from time-to-time with the Travel program. If your travel player would like to Opt-out of the In-town basketball season, please contact before October 31The cost of the In-town program is included in the Travel Fee, and does not change if your child decides to opt-out.

Travel Basketball requires a commitment from players and parents to attend practices and games. Because rosters are small, teams are disrupted if players are unable to make the necessary commitment. Players who routinely miss practices or games may realize less playing time during games. Basketball should be your child’s primary sports commitment during the winter season.

If you have constraints and are not able to fully commit to Travel Basketball as describled on this page but still want to play, please let us know so we can properly place your child on the right team. This will make it easier then having to move players during the season.

You can find a comprehensive list of youth basketball tournaments played throughout the year at This is a great starting point to search for tournaments. A traditional Google search also works.

Travel Program Registration

Please take the time to read the Travel Program Details section of this website to get a full understanding of the Travel Program prior to registering.

Review the fees:

The fee for travel team participation will be $450 per player.

  • Registration opens late June and runs through July 31
  • Late registration starts August 1 and includes a late fee of $50

Players who register after July 31st (during the late registration period) will be required to pay the full registration fee plus a $50 late fee and will be placed on a waitlist. (The waitlist does not guarantee your child will be placed on a team)

Registration is not considered complete until the balance due is paid in full. If you register prior to July 31st and do not pay your balance until after July 31st, you are considered to have registered in the Late registration period and will be assessed a $50 Late Fee and your child will be placed on the waitlist.

*If your child qualifies for free lunch/SNAP, please submit the appropriate waiver to

​Please keep in mind that there is a possibility that your child will not be placed on a Travel team. If your child does not make a Travel team your child will play in BYBA's in-town league. You will receive a refund of your payment minus the in-town fee (and any shorts fee, if applicable)

No refunds will be issued after September 12th.

If you withdraw your child after Travel team placements you will be assessed a $200 Late Withdrawal Fee that will be due the next time anyone in your family registers for BYBA program.

A standard uniform (reversible jersey and shorts) is required for all Travel players.  All new Travel players must purchase a reversible jersey for $35 and shorts for $30. 

For players who need a uniform, please be sure to add the uniform during registration, the additional $65 will be added to the registration fee.

Outgrow your uniform during the season? Click "Register Now" on our website at any time to order a new one.


2022 Tryout Schedule - Travel Program 

For full Try-out details please see our Travel Program Details page.

Important Notes:

  • Sign in will begin 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.  Space will be limited and we will not allow players in the building prior to their scheduled start time.  
  • Belmont Travel Basketball requires all players be registered and fully paid to attend try-outs
  • Players on the Wait List MUST attend try-outs
  • Tryouts will be closed to all parents
  • Players must attend one try-out but we heavily suggest that players attend all try-outs to receive a full and complete evaluation. 
Group 1st Tryout Date 2nd Tryout Date Location
Girls 4th Wednesday, 9/28 - 6-715pm Monday, 10/3 - 6-715pm Belmont Day: Downing 
Girls 5th Tuesday, 10/4 - 6-715pm Thursday, 10/6 - 6-715pm Belmont Day: Downing
Girls 6th Wednesday, 9/28 - 730-845pm Monday, 10/3 - 730-845pm Belmont Day: Downing
Girls 7th Tuesday, 10/4 - 730-845pm Thursday, 10/6 - 730-845pm Belmont Day: Downing 
Girls 8th Wednesday, 10/5 - 730-845pm Friday, 10/7 - 730-845pm Belmont Day: Downing 
Boys 4th Wednesday, 10/5 - 6-715pm Friday, 10/7 - 6-715pm Belmont Day: Downing
Boys 5th Monday, 9/26 - 6-715pm Thursday, 9/29 - 6-715pm Belmont Day: Downing
Boys 6th Tuesday, 9/27 - 6-715pm Friday, 9/30 - 6-715pm Belmont Day: Downing
Boys 7th Tuesday, 9/27 - 730-845pm Friday, 9/30 - 730-845pm Belmont Day: Downing
Boys 8th  Monday, 9/26 - 730-845pm Thursday, 9/29 - 730-845pm Belmont Day: Downing

Belmont Travel Basketball - Gym Directions

Belmont Travel Basketball fields multiple boys and girls teams in grades 4 through 8. We compete in the Metrowest League and also play numerous Non League games throughout the season.  If your town/team is interested in playing any of our teams please contact us at

Chenery Middle School

95 Washington St. Belmont, MA 02478

The entrance to the gym and parking is located in the back of the school in a lot on Oakley Rd.

Belmont Hill School

350 Prospect St. Belmont, MA 02478

All games are played in the Jordan Athletic Center, located in the back of the campus, near the playing fields.  Park in the main lot, located off of Marsh Street.

Belmont Day School

55 Day School Ln. Belmont, MA 02478

Utilize 700 Concord Avenue - Belmont, to utilize GPS/Google Maps/Waze.  This address will bring you to the new entrance to BDS.  The gym is located in the first building on your right.  Day School Lane is now a one-way EXIT ONLY.

Burbank Elementary School

266 School St. Belmont, MA 02478

The gym entrance is located in the rear of the school, directly off of the main parking lot.  Enter the driveway to the left of the school and proceed towards the parking lot.  You will see the gym entrance on your right.

Belmont High School

221 Concord Ave. Belmont, MA 02478

There are two gyms at the BHS Field House.

Court 1 is the main court as you enter the Field House.

Court 2 is the far court.

Parking: Belmont High School and the surrounding area is currently under construction. Parking may be limited and the location of available parking lots are evolving. Please be sure to park legally at BHS. You may also park in legal spots around the pond on Concord Ave.