In-Town Program

In-town High School Student Volunteers:

Please note: Due to the popularity of these programs, not all students registered will be selected to participate.

Coaching Positions:

BHS Students can volunteer and earn community service credit as head or assistant coaches for our in-town program. High School student coaches will be assigned to our 7th/8th and 5th/6th grade divisions. There may be instances where students coach in the 3rd/4th grade division. Student coaches will be expected to:

  • Lead a pre-game practice (30 minutes) in addition to coaching the scheduled game
  • Teach basic skills, promote teamwork, and follow all playing rotation rules and guidelines
  • Click here for an overview of the duties and responsibilities for in-town coaches.

Referee Positions:

BHS Students may also apply to be a referee in our program. Referees are paid positions in our programs. Students will be assigned 1-3 games each Saturday (times will vary). Students should apply only if they can maintain this commitment. Student referees will be expected to:

  • Learn and enforce all BYBA game rules
  • Confirm game assignments as requested by the referee coordinator
  • Provide 72-hour notice when unable to perform a game assignment
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled start of the game
  • Click here for an overview of the duties and responsibilities for in-town referees.

BYBA thanks all its High School participants for their continued support and generous contributions of their time, resulting in the overall success of our program!

In-town Parent Volunteers:

It takes a lot of volunteers to run a succcessful BYBA program each year. Volunteering your time doesn't have to feel overwhelming or scary! There are many jobs with varying time commitment.

Team Coordinator:

Team Coordinators are responsible for monitoring the gym when your child's team is playing, sending in final scores, and alerting the League Coordinator of any issues should they arise during game time. Without team coordinators, BYBA cannot run on Saturdays. We will need to scale back the number of in-town teams if there aren't enough parent volunteers.

Grade 3/4 Coaches:

Parents can volunteer as head or assistant coaches for our 3/4 grade in-town program. To volunteer, you will have the opportunity to specify your coaching preference during the registration process. Please note that coaching spots usually fill-up early. Coaches will be notified in early November.

Click here for an overview of the duties and responsibilities for in-town coaches.

Responsibilities include:

  • Arriving 15-20 minutes prior to the game time (your child will be there 30 minutes ahead of time for practice)
  • Check-in with referees to let them know you are the BYBA liaison for the game (they may need ask for your assistance if a spectator gets out of hand)
  • Introduce yourself to the coaches. They should be keeping score for their team (on their clipboard) and maintaining a player rotation. It's important that coaches use and follow the team rotation sheets and not create their own rotations.
  • Ensure the game starts on time. Sometimes the refs and coaches get chatty and they'll forget to actually start the game!
  • Keep the score for your child's game, or (even better!) enlist another volunteer parent to manage the scoreboard during the game
  • Immediately following the game, text the final score and names of referees present to our operations and referee coordinators
  • If there are any unique incidents at the game (good/bad behavior, an injury, etc) inform your grade-level coordinator ASAP.

The volunteer coaches are already very busy keeping track of the rosters and preparing for the game itself. Having a parent coordinator assigned for each team allows the coaches to focus on the game itself and ensuring your child has a great BYBA experience.

As a coordinator for your child's in-town team, you will also be paired with another parent. Two parent coordinators for each team will make for a light load! If you can't attend a game, then the other parent coordinator can cover the responsibilities. If neither can attend, let us know and we'll cover.


BYBA thanks all its volunteers for their continued support and generous contributions of their time, resulting in the overall success of our program!

In-town Program Details:

The BYBA In-town program is committed to providing a basketball program that is based on fairness, respect and good sportsmanship for all Belmont children. Our policies, procedures and decisions are aimed at offering a program that provides an equal opportunity for all skill levels. To that end, the BYBA In-Town program strives to form balanced teams such that the overall talent is spread equally among all teams. Equal playing time for all players is assured by dividing games into 5-minute periods and by each coach’s use of a predetermined rotation schedule. Above all, we endeavor to provide a program where the game of basketball is taught with enthusiasm, enjoyment and FUN!

  • SEASON: Grades 5-8 BYBA season runs mid-November into February, grades 3-4 runs mid-November into March.
  • LEAGUES / DIVISIONS: Separate divisions (boys and girls) with leagues for grades 3&4, grades 5&6, and grades 7&8.
  • ELIGIBILITY: Children in grades 3-8 who live or attend school in Belmont are eligible to play.
  • GAME / PRACTICE SCHEDULE: Games are played on Saturday between 8am and 5pm. Game times will vary week to week. An approximate 30-minute practice is held just prior to each scheduled game.
    • 3rd/4th games take place at Chenery Middle School
    • 5th-8th grades can take place at Chenery Middle School and all the elementary schools
  • PARENT COACHES: Are needed for our 3rd-4th grade division. Grades 5th-8th teams are coached by volunteer High School students. If interested, please register via the Registration Online page for the Parent/Team Volunteer Program.
  • PARENT VOLUNTEERS: Two parents are required, per team, to serve as the coordinator for the season.
  • PLAYOFFS: All teams make the playoffs. Players must participate in at least 50% of the regular season games to be eligible to play in the play-offs. Exceptions must be approved by the BYBA Board.
  • TEAM COMPOSITION: We strive to form balanced teams such that the overall talent is spread equally among all teams. Friend requests may be considered if indicated on the registration form, but may not be accomodated, as the desire to create balanced teams comes first and foremost.


Grades 3 and 4:

As in prior years, in-town players will each receive a t-shirt, which is included in the registration fee of $185.

Grades 5 through 8:

All players participating in the In-town program in grades 5 through 8 will require a BYBA reversible jersey ($35 each). If the player has a jersey from prior seasons grade 5-8 season it can be re-used. NOTE: During the season, in-town jerseys can be purchased on our website. BYBA uniforms tend to run big, so please consider this when placing an order. Click "Register Now" to purchase a jersey.

Rookies Program (2nd Grade Developmental Basketball Program)

The BYBA Rookies Program is an 9-week co-ed developmental basketball program for 2nd graders. Each week, a coach will lead a 1 hour and 10 minute session with between 24 and 32 players. A minimum of four adult parent coaches will help with each session.

Each week, there will be series of whole group demonstrations on individual and team skills. After each of these demonstrations, we will break down into 4 small groups and practice these skills. Players will also participate in fun drills and contests each week.

During each session, the players will learn team concepts by playing controlled half court games of 3 on 3. At the end of each session, the participants will play full court games of 3 on 3. Later in the season, we will build up to controlled games of 4 on 4.

In the 9th week, the players will participate in individual and team competitions. The top performers in each competition will receive medals.

The emphasis in the “Rookies” program will be on teaching the participants “how to play” rather than “running plays” and “winning games.” Each week, we will build on the previous week’s skills and concepts.

Tentative 2023-2024 Rookies Dates:

Saturday, Dec. 2, 2023
Saturday, Dec. 9, 2023
Saturday, Dec. 16, 2023
Saturday, Jan. 6, 2024
Saturday, Jan. 13, 2024
Saturday, Jan. 20, 2024
Saturday, Jan. 27, 2024
Saturday, Feb. 3, 2024
Saturday, Feb. 10, 2024
  • Location:  Rookies have traditionally taken place at Winn Book. We expect this to be the case but will not know until gym booking are confirmed.
  • Times:  Session 1:  8:30 am - 9:40 am      

                 Session 2:  9:45 am – 10:55 am 

                 Session 3:  11 am – 12:10 pm 

    Note:  Players will be placed in sessions based on program needs.

  • Eligibility: Boys and girls in grade 2 who live or attend school in Belmont are eligible to be “Rookies.”
  • Equipment: Younger players need to use a smaller and lighter basketball to learn how to shoot properly. We will be using a 27.5” youth basketball in our demonstrations and games. BYBA will provide basketballs at each session. BYBA will provide a reversible shirt/jersey for each participant.
  • Parent Coaches: We are looking for parents to serve as assistant coaches. If interested, please register via the Registration Online page for the Parent Volunteer Program.
  • Registration Fee: The fee for the “Rookies” program is $150 per player.

In-town Calendar

Tentative 2023/2024 In-Town 5th/6th & 7th/8th
August 18 Registration Opens 
September 30 Registration Closes 
October 1 Late (Waitlist) Registration Opens 
October 31 Late (Waitlist) Registration Closes
Saturday, November 11 Week 1
Saturday, November 18 Week 2
Saturday, November 25 Week 3
Saturday, December 2 Week 4
Saturday, December 9 Week 5
Saturday, December 16 Week 6
Saturday, December 23 No games
Saturday, December 30 No games
Saturday, January 06 Week 7
Saturday, January 13 Week 8
Saturday, January 20 Week 9
Saturday, January 27 Week 10
Saturday, February 3 Play-offs
Saturday, February 10 Play-offs & Closing Ceremony directly following the final game at Chenery Middle School